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10 Funniest Whippet Videos

10 Funniest Whippet Videos

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More Whippet videos

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Dogs 101 Whippet.mp4

Visits us at, http://www.puppiesinchennai.com find or list puppies for sale or adoption in Chennai!

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Kelly McGarry - Grip It and Whippet

Anyone lucky enough to interact with Kelly McGarry was instantly struck by his good natured personality and ability to make you feel like an old friend within ...

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All About the Dog: Whippet

Have you ever thought about buying/adopting a whippet? This is just a quick video that summarizes everything that you need to know about this breed before ...

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Singing Whippets

Subscribe- http://bit.ly/2ss4EJC :The Makeover Guy® Salon-spa : 612 377 2711 - Max and Jake sleep all day, but about 4:00 they start to think they need a walk ...

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Breed All About It - Whippet

Once known as the poor man's racing dog, whippets today complete lure coursing field championships with grace and speed. The breed has also made their...

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The love of a whippet

Misty Blue- whippet love.

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Whippet Brothers#1


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This is what love looks like - whippet Link's reaction when owner comes home

Happy-go-lucky whippet puppy Link gets excited when owner comes home.

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8 weeks old whippet puppy - Silas

Tanalorn Kelvin Knock Out (Silas) eight weeks old, enjoying the woods for the first time :-) Instagram: @silaswhippet Facebook: Silas - Whippet.

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My grampa's funny whippet

Sky playing with his boneo biscuit.

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Whippet talking

sonny-james the whippet.

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The easy going character of Whippets

This dog breeder explains what she finds endearing about whippets.

finds a user from Italy on May 24, 2015
Well I just got my first Whippet puppy after a long line of other breeds, and after doing some research decided that they seem to be the right breed for me as an empty nest retired person. After 2 days, this is what I've discovered... she only cries when she can't see me, slept in her bed next to mine and only woke up to cry once, she loves cuddles and has explored the 1000sq mt yard a bit, had a bit of a run and fun burrowing in the fescue and pulling the weeds out of my hands. She doesn't seem too destructive in the house (tho I've given her lots of toys to chew on) even when she gets into the no no's, she's gentle and then pleasantly loves to curl up next to me wherever I end up sitting. Now if I can just get her over her aversion to the potty mat....sigh... she would be an absolutely perfect puppy. ;-)
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Cute Whippet Dog Story: Man's Best Friend

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Whippet George|| George having a little fun at the dog park.

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Whippet at the Beach

Whippet in a life jacket takes to the water.

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Whippets - A Goofy Breed?

Some of the goofy things whippets do xD.

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Whippet - Top 10 Interesting Facts

The Whippet dog breed was a poacher's best friend, speedily going after rabbits and other small game. There are TOP 10 interesting facts about Whippet.

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Whippet racing

They may sound ferocious, but whippets are in fact lovable pets who also have an amazing ability to sprint a high speed, this makes them perfect for racing.

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Wilf Whippet puppy pleased to see his Mum after his holiday with us.

Whippet Wilf had his first holiday with us, and this is what happens when his Mum collects him. www.whippetswelcome.co.uk.

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Fastest time to pop 100 balloons by a dog - Toby the whippet

Subscribe for more || http://po.st/GWR-Subscribe ▻ Watch the GWR's Favourites || http://po.st/GWRFavs Toby the whippet attempted the record recently on his ...

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Self-controll training - Whippet 4 months


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funny whippet - best video

Ako ma Fábio zachraňuje.

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Living with a whippet

Staring Misty Blue aged 7 Music : Passing Time by Coot from the album Fair Weather friend.

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Vici The Whippet & amazing dog tricks [1 year together]

If you like this video and you want to know more about Vici, you can check her Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/viciwhippet MARTIN FEKETE did all ...

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Dog Training, Whippet goes crazy

During the exercise, Elijah wanted to run some extra laps ...

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Ratajka- the super whippet! frisbee, tricks and fun


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whippet running around


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Funny whippet dog makes his bed, but is not pleased.

Whines and spins till he gets it right, but is still not happy.

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Daisy Whippet Born To Run

Daisy having fun at the beach.

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Le Whippet : la Formule 1 des chiens ! - La Quotidienne

Cette semaine, notre miss véto, Laetitia Barlerin nous parle des whippets, c'est une race de lévriers, de vrais champion de course ! Retrouvez La Quotidienne ...

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Greyhound, Whippet, Italian Greyhounds

Greyhound is 4, Whippet is 4, Enzo Italian Greyhound is 9 mos, Bella is 9 weeks.

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